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Steel King Company Limited

sky maySteel King Company Limited was established in 1986 and provides construction materials especially steel to the nationwide. We dedicated to import best quality construction materials especially Deformed Bars from world leading steel industries to Myanmar and distributed by Steel King Company. We are committed to deliver the products on time to achieve customer trust, satisfaction and build strong relationship.

K.Y Kyaw Kyaw Trading Company Limited

sky mayK.Y Kyaw Kyaw Trading Company Limited was established in 1997 and it mainly focuses on exporting many kinds of local beans from local farmers to overseas. One of our mission is to succeed in exporting more than 1500 tons of beans to overseas.
K.Y Bean was established in 2007 and exporting many kinds of beans to India and Singapore with amount more than 5000 to 6000 tons.

Steel King Pte.Ltd.

sky maySteel King Pte.Ltd was established in 2005 as a General Whole Sale Trading globally. The company became one of the well-known Company in overseas.




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